A Natural History

For about 2000 years, oats (Avena sativa L.) formed the staple diet for a large part of the population. Only in the beginning of the 19th century were oats replaced by other cereals and potatoes. Due to active fiber componants and natural proerties oats have regained a strong image and have been substantiated as a very healthy food ingredient. As a typical Northern cereal, oats prosper in a wet and cool climate with plenty of rain in the growing phase and sunshine and long hours of daylight during the harvest season. In order to guarantee a high and consistant supply of superior quality oats, we obtain our raw material only from Scandinavia.

OatWell« oat bran

Many positive effects have been attributed to the ingestion of oat products, including cholesterol control, regulation of the glucose and insulin metabolism and an improved gastrointestinal function. These beneficial properties are attributed to the soluble fiber found in oats, which is called ▀-glucan. In OatWell oat bran, the natural, gelling fibres are present in high contents due to a careful stabilization process of oat bran. CreaNutrition develops, produces and sells OatWell oat bran products rich in ▀-glucan, up to 22%.


For nutritional benefits, a high content of soluble fibres (▀-glucan) is required. In fact, the U.S. FDA awarded the first-ever food-specific claim to oat bran because of its heart health benefits. The oats ingested must contain a minimum concentration of 0.75 g of ▀-glucan per serving, with a recommended daily intake of 3 g, in order to improve cholesterol levels and to help maintain a healthy heart.


Only 3,4 grams of OatWell oat bran needs to be added in a recipe to ensure 0,75 grams of ▀-glucan per serving, whereas a tenfold amount of rolled oats, oatmeal or oat flakes would be required to reach the same level of concentration (approx 150 g rolled oats provide 3 g ▀-glucan). CreaNutrition offers natural ▀-glucan, promoting healthy food products to combat life style diseases. The functionality of OatWell oat bran has been proved in numerous scientific publications and is applicable to a wide range of applications.

*AACC Oat Bran definition: Oat bran is the food which is produced by grinding clean oat groats or rolled oats and separating the resulting oat flour by seiving, bolting and/or other suitable means into fractions such that the oat bran fraction is not more than 50% of the starting material, and has a total ▀-glucan content of at least 5.5% (dry weight basis) and a total dietary fiber content of at least 16.0% (dry weight basis), and such that at least one-third of the total dietary fiber is soluble fiber - OAT BRAN. PJ Wood Editor, AACC. 1993.

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